In the wake of a magical apocalypse, called Cataclysm, few things have remained as they once were. Geography has been completely reimagined – where things once were seems irrelevant, and the landscape follows a dramatic, new vision. Life has found a chaotic path, rife with change – from plants that grow vast in mere hours, and animals the likes of which have only been seen in fevered dreams, to a sudden, radical diversity in the forms of people.

It has now been 637 years since Cataclysm, and society has rebuilt. The new lands have proved largely too dangerous for all but the wandering tribes of the wilds, so civilization has found its purchase hidden in isolated corners of the world – on the tops of mountains, in the middle of deserts, perched on cliffsides, surrounded by walls and fire, and floating high above the clouds. To connect these far-flung communities, airships ply the airways. From merchants and messengers, to explorers and scavengers, to pirates and mercenaries, these brave crews live on the fringes of society, seeing more than any other can imagine, and ensuring that society lives on, safe for those within.

This is a tale of those who find their home in the skies, who find livelihood in and between a myriad of ports, and to whom mystery and wonder ever lurk below.

Welcome to Cataclysm Skies

Cataclysm Skies

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