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The Armory
Complete with stats for most things, not complete with capitals

knife (dam plus 1), knife (harrick), pile o’ knives
2 boarding blades (dam plus 2 impaling), cutlass (dam plus 2 crit), zweilander (dam plus 4 awkward), 2 stilletos (dam plus 2 impaling concealable), gilded saber (dam plus 2 crit gilded), gilded combat knife
2 charged warclaws (dam plus 3 awkward plus charged stuff), charged bastard sword (dam plus 3 awkward plus charged)-given to morgan
staff (dam plus 1 parry d12), wand (necromancer’s)

3 mil grade revolver, 2 mil-grade revolvers “gregory’s father’s” – dam plus 2 spark 2d10
rounds: 65 mil grade (24 on bandoliers) ( plus slaying), 5 runed rounds ( plus slaying and spell)

8 mil grade pistols w/ 9 spare clips, 2 holdout milgrade pistols (dam plus 1)-one w/ bree – dam plus 2 spark 2d6
heavy pistol (silenced)
extended magazine for pistol (double ammo)
rounds: 47 mil grade, 6 runed rounds (all have spells, variety)

6 mil grade rifle, mil grade lever action rifle (revolver rounds needed) – dam plus 3 spark 2d8
standard scope (reduce by one step)
rounds: 116 mil grade

mil grade lever action shotgun, mil grade shotgun, cheap shotgun
rounds: some civ grade scatter ( plus crit), 11 incediary ( plus crit, on fire), 5 runed ( plus slaying, spell), 30 manstopper mil ( plus slaying), 36 scattershot mil ( plus slaying, spread, vicious)

3 smg 45/45 45/45 and 45/45 3 spare clips, 328 rounds – dam plus 1 spark d10
smg with SAM 45/45 and 2 spare clips see above – dam plus 1 spark 2d8 -morgan is using it
3 assault rifle with SAM and scope w/ 12 clips, 200 rounds – dam plus 3 spark d10
peacemaker fully loaded & 18 rounds – dam plus 3 penetrating awkward -with tanis
torrent auto pistol fully loaded & 4 spare clips – dam plus 0 sustained fire awkward
judgment rifle 20 rounds – with wren
83 lmg rounds – tanis’

gun from mess hall ceiling – r7x – illegal, needler/flechette, holdout weapon, some extra scrap ammo – dam plus 3 weak vicious pain
crossbow some bolts plus quality scope – dam plus 3 (scope reduces range and cover by one step)
flamethrower – 3 tanks – dam plus 2 penetrating sweep near on fire
autocannon – dam plus 4 awkward
shredder rifle w/ 46 rounds
15 frag grenades 5 flashbangs 9 smoke 4 emp 2 HE 3 tear gas 2 breeching charges
more grenades

armored duster, medium body armor (female wolf)-ayla, medium body armor (girl raccontaur)-tika, death marked body armor (male wolf (half destroyed)), kinetic barrier (biped-probably assigned to vivian), damaged med body armor (human female), 1 heavy body armor (human female), med body armor (male human) heavy body armor (human male), stealth suit-infiltration (cheetah male), kinetic barrier
riot shield – d10

summary: 3 knifes plus pile, 7 more sharp pointy longer objects, 2 warclaws, 1 staff, 1 wand, 5 revolvers, 11 pistols, 7 rifles, 3 shotguns, 4 smgs, 3 assault rifles, 1 peacemaker, 1 autopistol, 1 judgement, 1 shredder rifle, 1 needler, 1 crossbow, 1 flamethrower, 1 autocannon, >40 grenades, 1 riot shield.


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