Captain and Cook aboard Grandmother Omen


Full Name: Vivian Leod-Zabala
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Birthday: December 4
Tarot Card: The Emperor
Appearance: Olive skin, grey eyes, head shaved bald except a black top knot/ponytail, half of scalp tattooed with various patterns including a specific celtic knot, swimmer’s build, some facial hair (stubble level or thin lines).
Common Gear: Lois (shotgun), black work pants (heavier non flammable material with sewn in pleats and layered side pockets down the leg in addition to front pockets), plain leather belt, combat knife, layered very basic civilian tops (unornamented t-shirt and white sweatshirt), field jacket thrown over when needing to look semi-formal or captain-like.
Combat Gear: Lois (mostly loaded with scattershot), medium grade runed body armor, cruddy shotgun (breech loading over-under), compact shotgun (from Avi, loaded with solid shot), combat knife, grenades, magic jewelry.
Personality: Calm, dependable, heart of gold, a tad cynical sometimes, magic-wary.


Family: Vivian has two elder siblings: one brother, Cole, who has two sons and who Vivian is estranged from due to an incident where Vivian offered to bring back an ear for Cole’s kids and Cole’s wife took offense. Cole owns a specialty clothing store in Nassin. Other sibling is a sister, Loren, who was going for just as sedentary of a career right up until Vivian headed off to join a mercenary group, which had been a secret ambition of hers for years. At the behest of his parents, Vivian convinced her that it was not as romantic of a career as she imagined and shortly thereafter cut off all contact with her so that he wouldn’t seem to be encouraging her, which also ended up cutting off contact with his parents at the same time. Loren basically assumed he died and ended up going into journalism for the spice of adventure she wanted in her life instead of yet another storekeeper.

Significant Other: Marissa, a snow leopard, who wielded a longsword in battle and who Vivian married and was killed in a battle with their mercenary group. She was rather fiery, loud and much more stereotypically mercenary attitude than Vivian.

Merc group: surviving members other than Vivian are Lloyd, Isaac, Vanessa, Shaco, and Jiao. Well, Shaco’s status has been changed to not surviving. Lloyd is still mercing, Isaac and Vanessa are semi-retired and together, and Jiao is unknown.

Once upon a time Vivian joined a mercenary group, commanded by Ms. Marissa Leod, and settled in. Over time, Marissa and Vivian traded “practice” flirts for a while, until one day Vivian realized he actually meant what he was saying, and immediately stopped. Marissa called him out on this, and they ended up actually in a relationship. They eventually started making plans for the future, which included saving up for a nice little cafe somewhere that Vivian could cook for and Marissa would run.

Unfortunately, one day, their plans were interrupted. In a battle with their group, Marissa was wounded by a grenade, and Vivian was forced to watch her linger and eventually die of her wounds without ever waking up. Vivian did not really take her death well, and ended up basically running on automatic for around a year afterwards. Since they had actually technically married, complete with merged last names, Vivian inherited everything of hers, but during the year after her death he either redistributed or sold almost everything she had owned, besides a few things like her gear (which was buried with her, very carefully to avoid looting). He only has one thing of hers, a brooch, which matches one of his tattoos, which was their version of wedding rings.

Using the money that he’d inherited from Marissa, he managed to get out of his merc group, and moved to Nassin, where he opened a small cafe. Although the cook and owner looked rather… unorthodox, somehow he kept it afloat for six months before he had a nasty surprise, where the Aeboros family yanked it out from under him. Once again bereft of a sense of purpose, Vivian ended up drifting again, straight into the hands of the Iron Star, who offered him a place aboard the Grandmother Omen. For lack of a better idea, and not wanting to drift straight back into the profession that he knew would get him killed, he accepted, and became one of the three captains of her. As the only one with actual experience in things like fighting and running groups (although Marissa had been the one in charge, not him, the downside of your partner being in charge is that you get to help out without the extra pay), he’s ended up picking up the jobs of quartermaster, armorer, accountant, and the most formally captainy of the three.

Oddly enough, Vivian’s wariness of magic doesn’t stem (mostly) from a fear of the unknown, but rather generally from Marissa’s death. Although the year after her death meant he could cope with her death, he still isn’t over it, and there’s a part of him that almost wishes to see her again, even if it means his death, but that’s buried far below the knowledge that if he gets himself killed stupidly, then Marissa will never let him hear the end of it. As a whole, he also really likes living. What this means for the magic dislike is that he does not trust (or appreciate) the idea of living forever, because it means he’d never see her again. The insanity that comes with the magic also is highly undesirable for Vivian, since although mercenaries aren’t necessarily the sanest of folks, there’s still a gulf between what he considers sanity and what the normal depiction of insane mages is. There is also a distrust of the mind magic he’s seen displayed because although Vivian keeps his secrets buried deep, he doesn’t want anyone rooting through his mind to find them out.

Lastly, although Vivian is fairly well adjusted in general, he’s lately been displaying a reversion to his old mercenary state of mind. While he and Marissa were planning for the future, he thought ahead, but since the loss of his cafe, he’s slowly reverted to thinking more day to day. His future plans begin and end with the day he pays off his debt to the Iron Star, although hazy ideas of a better future for Bree (which is well on the way), Jo, and Sabica are fermenting somewhere in the back of his mind.

Timeline (in terms of Vivian’s age, not year):
17: Declared intent to become a merc, within half a year had joined one, been in his first battle, and cut ties to family after another battle, leaving them believing him dead besides Cole.
23: Joined Double Team
25: Started dating Marissa
28: Fell out with Cole’s wife
A month before 31: married Marissa
Five months later: Fatal Firefight, Marissa died a month later
A year later (so 32): woke out of depressive funk, started process of getting out of mercing
33: Actually left his company, opened cafe, had it taken away
34: His birthday present was acquiring ship
Currently Loren is 36, Cole is 39, Cole’s sons are 14 and 11, his parents are 66 and 67, assuming they’re around, he doesn’t know.


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