Captian & Pilot aboard Grandmother Omen


Full Name: Ischade
Race: Pallas Cat Taur
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Birthday: May 21-June 20
Appearane: Silvery grey spotted pelt. Yellow eyes. Shoulder tattoo. Small and dainty under all the fluff. Short hair but long enough to tie back. Tied back on ship, loose in a casual setting. Matches fur colour.
Common Gear: T-shirt in yellow to match her eyes, long gloves (of many styles). Gold and silver moonstone and fluorite jewellery from Anduin. Short cut bomber jacket in white fleece and black leather with a snug waist. Her tattoo design is painted on the back. She keeps a pocket knife as well.
Glove options, Armoured, leather, lacey, arm wraps, fingerless.
Combat Gear: Kia’s armour, red scaled and runed. Kia’s staff, Kia’s wand. Magic jewellery.
Personality: Kind and Curious. Wants to know everything that is going on around her but only to sate her own curiosity.
Personal Motto: To Fly is To Live.



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