Diplomat aboard Grandmother Omen


Full Name: Corrina, Daughter of Abadai
Race: Lynx
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Goldish fur, black tip ears, fancy haircut. Wiry frame.
Common Gear: Silk shirt, pants
Combat Gear: Bladed ring
Personality: Trusting, mischievous, inquisitive


Corrina grew up in a life of privilege, sheltered from her family’s shady dealings. Her grandfather Vasilis is a high ranking member of Abadai and Corrina and her siblings were expected to live up to family expectations. Her older brother Cipher is a shining example but Corrina, who loves her brother very much, noticed he became harsh and different as he worked for the family. Corrina didn’t want to change like her brother, and as she became closer to being of age, her mother became more and more overbearing and critical of what she did.

Corrina did not know how to escape until one day she was in her grandfather’s fighting room and heard a voice call to her. Following instructions, she broke into the locked wall compartment and freed Requiem, a demon in a bladed ring. Requiem told her there was a large world out there full of freedom and exploration and together they could experience new experiences. Having never had a true confidant, Requiem has quickly become her best friend.

Corrina’s one regret is leaving her six-year-old sister Kali. Her plan is to make enough money to go rescue her little sister.


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